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Gallery with exclusive Fotobodyart nude art


I would like to show you the examples well, so I made a breakdown in the online gallery into horizontal (landscape) examples and vertical (portrait) examples of Fotobodyart art.

Horizontal Photo Body Art (Landscape)

Vertical Photo Body Art (Portrait)

There is of course more beautiful Fotobodyart art.

If you make an appointment I can show you more beautiful Fotobodyart art (because of the Corona virus the mo equities are currently limited).

You can use the contact form (the contact form is on the Contact tab).

Questions and answers

  • What does a Fotobodyart artwork cost?

    There are many possibilities to obtain a exclusive Fotobodyart nude artwork.
    If you live outside The Netherlands you can send me a message with the contactform and ask me what the cost including shipping are.

  • What has changed at Fotobodyart?

    My hobby time as an artist at Fotobodyart is now over, I am now a full-time artist.

    At the moment I have more time for my art and therefore I now have more space for assignments.

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