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Successful Fotobodyart Exhibitions and Publications

Most successful exhibitions from 1999 to 2019

Expositie Soest

1999 Pieter Perry Physiotherapy Practice at Laren

2000 Banning house estate "De Horst" in Driebergen

2001 Article in "Naturismo" magazine

2002 Photo Pol at Epe

Expositie Artishock

2004 FotoExpo 202 in Amersfoort (during "Staalkaart")

2007 art market Artishock in Soest

2007 Exhibition Artishock in Soest

2009 Avenue d Art during the fair "Naturisme" in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht

Expositie Artishock

2013 Publication in "Kunst Oase"

2015 "Vincent 2015" in Nuenen

2019 publication in the NABK Member Magazine

2020 publication in the Artists Yearbook 2021

Vragen, antwoorden en opmerkingen

  • Are there any exhibitions planned?

    There are no exhibitions or publications planned for 2021 yet. Do you want to exhibit the Fotobodyart art? The best way to reach me is using the Contactform since my Phone doesn't except calls from outside The Netherlands.

  • Why has there been no more exhibition in recent years?

    Nude art is difficult at the moment, so it is a problem for me to find the models that I like to work with (not artificially perfected professionals).

    But also exhibiting bare art has become much more difficult (even the discrete art as I make it). In publications, I am not allowed to show the art that I like best and only the more unrecognizable form is accepted.

    Fortunately I can still give a more complete impression of what I make and think via this site.

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