Author: Jaap van eekelen
In primary school drawing and sketching were a few of my hobbies.

When I became more interested in technical things, I changed my hobbies to more technical ones.

However through time my creative side got more and more attention in my job and hobbies. Although I could put a lot of my creativity in my work and hobbies, I wanted to create the things I personally liked. That is why in 1979 I have started to expand my hobby of photography.

With these photographs I made so called ‘collages’. This is a cardboard which these photographs are pasted at. For this purpose I used photos of a body and photos of trees and bushes. I copied these photos (and at the same time enlarged them or made them smaller). And I cut the body out of the copy. Parts of a tree or bush which I colored with an airbrush, I used as background on which to put the picture of the body. Finally I copied the whole image in color.

Last years I do almost the same thing, but I don’t use the copymachine, scalpel and the airbrush anymore. I use my computer now because this gives me a lot more options to use different colors and other effects. Further I have changed the background into enlarged parts of the body, which means that everything in the image is now based on the human body.

In 1999 I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who liked my work, which lead to expositions and an article in a magazine. Due to this article and the expositions people wanted to be a model in my pictures. This gave me the opportunity to expand this hobby and gain experience in my work.

My work should be about people you see daily on the street, young and old, thick and thin, but without pearcings and tattoo’s.

Some of the things I made in the past you’ll find in the gallery.

I hope your enthousiasm triggers you to become a model in my pictures.
If so, please contact me by phone using the following number: +31 6 249 637 19 (Netherlands) or mail at